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Hot Luxury Home Features

It used to be that having a home theater in your home meant you had top-of-the-line luxury, but today it's the little things that count. Special, unique touches are what make a truly luxury property stand out and push it into truly high-end territory. Many of today's beautiful homes take cues from luxury hotels, especially boutique hotels.

Fire and water features: Outdoors and in, water features are a must for a luxury home. Waterfalls and fountains have expanded from the traditional to the extremely creative, from cascading water walls to jumping airless fountains รก la the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Patios are no longer simple but are flanked with subtle streams and fountains, contain gorgeous firepit tables and conversation areas and other fun features.

Custom luxury sinks and high-end luxury hardware: Gone are the days of cream or white sinks and custom cabinetry, now a too-easy finish. Even laundry and utility rooms have moved away from basic utility sinks. Gorgeous ceramic sinks and glass sinks abound, and can also be requisitioned to express individual passions. A special flower or plant, a sport such as horse-racing or yachting...any design can be rendered in glass, mosaic or ceramic for a special touch to the powder room or kitchen. Luxury sink designs have gotten extremely creative over the past decade, with everything from wave designs and flowing bowls to angular, modern masterpieces that are a perfect showcase in any bathroom.

Custom luxury closets: Instead of just having a large walk-in closet with many drawers, bars and shelving, today's wealthy are being more specific. With wardrobes and accessories tailored to their individual lifestyles, homeowners want closet space that both reflects and accommodates their specific belongings. Built-in displays for jewelry, shoe or scarf collections, sports-related items and purses, bags, etc. are common. Dream closets are getting just as tailored as the items they hold!

Games on the grounds: Larger-than-life chess boards built into patio; golf putting greens embedded in manicured lawns; go-cart tracks in a back field...the wealthy love their toys and what better place to play than at home? Great for guests, these fun game ideas are good conversation starters and offer a unique facet to entertaining. Just learning? You may enjoy chess tips online.

Luxury Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one time when adults can play dress up and have fun just like kids...and for some this means an occasion to go all out. More and more people are holding Halloween parties for adults, which has lead to a thriving adult costume industry.

As this idea gains more popularity, the costumes have become less cheap and more elaborate. There are many companies offering luxury Hallowe'en costumes and your choices are many. You may even find yourself going to a beautiful masquerade ball or an intriguing evening such as 'An Evening of Murder' wherein complex murder mystery scenes are played out.

Getting into character or having a luxury adult Halloween costume to wear will help you fit right in to your next adult Halloween party!

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Luxury Marie Antoniette Costume from Luxury Costumes